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Ten Reasons We Do NOT Want BESS in Acton

  1. There is extreme danger of overheating which can lead to THERMAL RUNAWAY. One overheated cell can cascade and affect hundreds of other cells, releasing very hot, flammable, and toxic gases which may result in an explosion. This is a common occurrence with Lithium-Ion "Battery Energy Storage Systems" (BESS) facilities.
  2. The release of toxic gases during a thermal runaway incident can endanger nearby residents, fire personnel, potentially contaminate soil and ultimately groundwater. There is also potential for cancer-causing Electro-Magnetic Field exposure (EMF).
  3. An emergency, overheating thermal runaway incident would most likely result in closure of the nearby Antelope Valley 14 Freeway and a possible “Shelter in Place” command for hundreds of residents in proximity to the BESS facilities.
  4. These BESS facilities are proposed for a very high fire hazard area of Acton, California. If a brush fire came through the area, the results could be catastrophic.
  5. There is limited ingress and egress to residents in the area of proximity to the proposed BESS projects. This could again be catastrophic in the event of a BESS emergency incident causing or being in the path of a brush fire.
  6. The BESS projects do not comply with Los Angeles County's General Plan requirement that commercial and industrial development within a designated rural area must be community-serving.
  7. The BESS projects' aesthetics do not reflect the rural character of our community which lies within a designated rural preservation area.
  8. The Avantus “Angeleno” BESS project would require a change in zoning and therefore an amendment to the General Plan. Acton carefully planned how many M-1 light industrial properties would benefit Acton without detracting from its rural character.
  9. The BESS facilities would be a visual blight for the residents of Acton, especially detrimental to those living in close proximity who would suffer major property value decline and experience potential for their properties to become unsellable.
  10. Lastly, these BESS projects would not serve the Acton community in which they would exist. There is no upside for Acton. The stored power in the BESS facilities will serve the residents of Los Angeles.

It's time to CONFIRM your attendance at the Tuesday, December 19, BOS BESS Appeal meeting. Please attend and make your voices heard; help get wrongly passed BESS facility approvals invalidated and rescinded! Please confirm today by emailing Ruthie Brock at

To find out more about this important BESS Appeal meeting, and to confirm your participation at the Tuesday, December 19 BOS meeting, CLICK HERE to read the full Alert.

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