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BESS Appeal Hearing Scheduled at Board of Supervisors Dec. 19 Meeting

Acton Takes Action | November 9, 2023 – Today, Ruthie Brock, Chair of the Acton Takes Action Community Task Force (ATA), sent out an email alert notifying Acton & Agua Dulce residents who have signed up to attend BOS meetings, that SORT's BESS Appeal has been scheduled on the Supervisors' Consent Agenda for discussion and comments at their Tuesday, December 19th meeting in downtown Los Angeles.

Ruth stated in her email that it was time for all the Acton and Agua Dulce resident's who signed up to attend BOS meetings to CONFIRM THIER PARTICIPATION in this tremendously important Appeal meeting, adding, "In order for SORT's BESS Appeal to receive the discussion by the Board of Supervisors that it deserves, either our Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, must hold the item for discussion or there needs to be people signed up to make public comment on the appeal. This is where our Acton Warriors come in, as I cannot express how important the BESS Appeal is and how important it is that our participants make public comments in order for the Appeal to be voted on separately, instead of being combined with other items on the agenda in one motion!"

To find out more about this important BESS Appeal meeting, and to confirm your participation at the Tuesday, December 19 BOS meeting, CLICK HERE to read the full Alert.

It's time to CONFIRM your attendance and participation at the December 19, BOS meeting. Please attend and make your voices heard; help get wrongly passed BESS facility approvals invalidated and rescinded! To confirm, email Ruthie Brock today at

Are you able to attend LA County Board of Supervisors meetings that usually take place on Tuesday mornings in downtown L.A. to help us fight the proposed BESS facilities?
Help Fill Acton's Anti-BESS Warchest

We're looking for a small army of Acton/Agua Dulce residents and SCV & AV Supporters to attend BOS meetings when Acton-proposed BESS projects are on the agenda. We need your help to show the County, State Agencies, and BESS Developers how determined and serious Acton is in getting approvals for ALL BESS facilities to be located in Acton DENIED!

If you think you would be available and willing to attend a meeting, please sign-up using the sign-up form below.

As we may not be given a lot of notice – probably a week or less – when BESS items go on the BOS agenda, it would be great to have a list of people ready and willing to attend on short notice. This is not a commitment! We're looking to build a list of willing people whom we can contact in hopes they are available to attend when the opportunity arises.

When we receive notice of a BOS meeting, we’ll email you as soon as possible to get you on the attendee list, provide you with meeting details, and to hopefully confirm you as an attendee!

We know not everyone wants to drive to LA, navigate downtown AND pay high parking fees! To encourage as many people as possible to attend, we'll be checking into booking a charter bus (cost, how much advance notice is required to schedule one, etc). If you would be willing to pay toward the cost of the bus, please let us know on the sign up form below. Carpooling is another good option, and we'll help organize that, too. As soon as we get bus information, we'll let everyone know the details.

Again, this is not a commitment, merely a willingness to go (your schedule permitting) when the time comes. Please add your name to the sign-up form below if you’re ready, willing and able to go fight for Acton! Thank you in advance!

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Hero Image Courtesy of D.E. Odell | Acton, CA – Crown Valley Morning, 2007.