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If you weren't able to attend the Acton Emergency Town Meeting held August 29, 2023, following is a brief recap of what we are preparing to do and why we need everyone's help...

Help Fill Acton's Anti-BESS Warchest

WE ARE PREPARING TO FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST LOS ANGELES COUNTY for the improper handling and approval of the Hecate Grid Humidor Project review! LA County has violated their own zoning codes and violated CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Guidelines, and we believe we have an excellent chance of winning this challenge in court.

Jacki Ayer, Chair of SAVE OUR RURAL TOWN (SORT), an unincorporated, nonprofit association similar to Acton Takes Action, is leading the law suit action. Jacki has 35 years experience as an expert witness in utility scale transmission project court cases. She will be filing the law suit and doing most of the work herself. A lawyer friend of Jacki has offered to represent our case in court. Although Jacki will do all of her work without charge, we will need to pay lawyer fees.

This is where we need our community to come together to help move the lawsuit forward! Please take a moment to reflect on how much you love our town, and how much you are willing to give in order to try to keep these extremely dangerous BESS projects out of our beautiful, rural community.

The "War Chest" goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000. At this time, we want everyone to make their donation pledge now so that we can get an idea of how much financial support we can build for the legal expense. No donations will be collected at this time. Any amount is appreciated! Donor information will be kept private. If we win the law suit, your money will be refunded.

Jacki and Ruthie Brock (Chair of Acton Takes Action) will set-up a way to collect donations and let everyone know when the time comes to gather the funds. All donations will be made payable directly to the law firm. Jacki and Ruthie will deliver the funds to the firm.

When you donate, ATA/SORT will record your contact info and the amount you give so that we can easily refund everyone if we win the law suit. We believe there is a very good chance of winning the case but, of course, there is never a guarantee. If you donate, do so with the satisfaction in mind that you have invested in your community and that the money may not be refunded.

THANK YOU in advance for loving Acton enough to put your hard earned money on the line to fight this BESS project. Our collective effort is truly the epitome of a grassroots movement. DON’T BESS WITH ACTON!

Please help us reach our “War Chest” goal by submitting your Donation Pledge Sign-Up form today. Thank you!


If you don't want to submit the form above, you can also write or email Acton Takes Action and let us know that you want to make a Donation Pledge. Thank you!

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Hero Image Courtesy of D.E. Odell | Acton, CA – Crown Valley Morning, 2007.