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Acton Takes Action | September 8, 2023 – On Sept. 7, Ruthie Brock, Chair of the Acton Takes Action Community Task Force (ATA), posted the following summary on Next Door and Facebook regarding what Acton Takes Action, its sister community group: Save our Rural Town (SORT) directed by Jacki Ayers, the Acton Town Council, and ALL of our many, wonderful pro-active Acton residents and outside community supporters have accomplished thus far.

Here's what we've accomplished in just a few, short months... everyone give yourselves a big clap on the back!

  • We’ve held a rally.
  • We’ve gone to the media.
  • We’ve written letters to our Supervisor.
  • We’ve circulated a petition of protest and gathered 1,892 signatures!
  • We’ve emailed County Planning and explained in detail why a BESS does not belong here.
  • We’ve submitted proof that a BESS facility in Acton would be a violation of the Zoning Code.
  • We’ve pointed out that a BESS in Acton would be non-conforming to the Antelope Valley Area Plan.
  • We’ve brought County’s attention to the fact that a BESS is not permitted in Rural Acton according to their General Plan.
  • We’ve reached out on behalf of our residents and pleaded with County to sit down and discuss these issues and hopefully try to find some common ground.
  • We’ve made it crystal clear that we wish to exhaust all administrative remedies to resolve this dispute over the wrongly issued ministerial approval of the Hecate Grid Humidor BESS project and the CEQA Notice of Exemption granted in violation of CEQA guidelines.

But now, we have to ask... what more can we do?

We only have one more option and the decision as to whether we will pursue this option will be made based on what happens in the next few days.

Will Los Angeles County show us the respect and consideration that the residents of Acton and constituents of LA County deserve?

Will they come to the table?

Stay tuned Everyone!

to be on the ATA list of people available to attend BOS meetings and BOS appeal hearings. Make your voices heard – help get dangerous, proposed BESS facilities DENIED!