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BESS Appeal Hearing Scheduled at Board of Supervisors Dec. 19 Meeting

It's time to CONFIRM your attendance and participation at the BOSS meeting. Make your voices heard – help get BESS facilities DENIED!

Acton Takes Action | November 9, 2023 – Today, Ruthie Brock, Chair of the Acton Takes Action Community Task Force (ATA), sent out an email alert notifying Acton & Agua Dulce residents who have already signed up to attend BOS meetings, that SORT's BESS Appeal has been scheduled on the Supervisors' Consent Agenda for discussion and comments at their Tuesday, December 19th meeting in downtown Los Angeles.

In her email, Ms Brock explained that, "A “Consent Agenda” item is rolled into a group of agenda items that are normally reviewed by the Supervisors in advance and then voted on all together in one motion. This is the LAST thing Acton wants for our appeal, as the BESS Appeal focuses on Acton's refutation of the Notice of Exemption to CEQA for the Hecate Grid Humidor BESS project!"

Ruth further added, "In order for SORT's BESS Appeal to receive the discussion by the Board of Supervisors that it deserves, either our Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, must hold the item for discussion or there needs to be people signed up to make public comment on the appeal. This is where our Acton Warriors come in, as I cannot express how important the BESS Appeal is and how important it is that our participants make public comments in order for the Appeal to be voted on separately!"

"Thus, we need a large group of residents representing Acton and also Agua Dulce to attend this meeting who will be willing to read from ATA/SORT's prepared statement. Participants will not be required to compose anything on their own, as we will have specific points that we want to make to the BOS and each person will only be given one minute to speak. Everyone who is willing to, will read one minute of the comments prepared by Jacki Ayer, Director of Save Our Rural Town (SORT). If participants are not comfortable doing this, being present is also very important!"

"The December 19th meeting is the last BOS meeting of the year before the holidays and it will more than likely be a long meeting. If a consent item is pulled from the consent vote it normally gets put at the end of the meeting, so please understand that it will be a long day. ATA will provide drinks, snacks, and potentially lunch items; of course, attendees are welcome to bring their own drink and food items if so desired."

"While a long day spent downtown at a BOS meeting is an inconvenience, this one, very special meeting potentially is going to make a huge difference in our future."

"This is the first action of Acton's targeted opposition to the Hecate Grid Humidor BESS facility, followed by the SORT Lawsuit trial in Superior Court! We as residents cannot pass up this opportunity to help make an impact! To confirm your participation, please email today."

It's time to CONFIRM your attendance and participation at the December 19, BOS meeting. Please attend and make your voices heard; help get wrongly passed BESS facility approvals invalidated and rescinded!

ATA needs to have a firm headcount and list of participant's names assembled well before December 19.

If you want to attend and help Acton make its position on the BESS project known, please email Ruthie Brock at as soon as you can to CONFIRM that you will be an attendee on December 19th! If you have the time, we NEED you to be part of this! Also, please see if you can get other friends and neighbors to sign-up and participate as well. Remember, if you’re not comfortable taking a turn reading part of the prepared statement, just being there representing the community is also important!

To make participation as easy as possible, ATA requested and has received authorization from LA County for a bus to take all participants to downtown LA for the meeting! Thus, no one has to worry about the drive, expense of fuel or parking. ATA got a big bus, so let’s fill it up with Acton and Agua Dulce Warriors!

More instructions as to bus departure time, etc., will follow as we get closer to December 19.

And... don’t forget to wear your "DON’T BESS WITH ACTON" t-shirts if you have one!

It's time to CONFIRM your attendance and participation at the December 19, BOS meeting. Please confirm today by emailing Ruthie Brock at